Rob Summerfield

Rob Summerfield - When Special Interests Say Jump, He Says “How High!”

Meet Assemblyman Rob Summerfield. He’s the kind of politician you’ve always dreamed about - unless you like roads, schools, or creating local jobs.

But who likes roads, schools, and creating jobs? Those things are way overrated. And if you love crowded classrooms, plenty of potholes, and your taxpayer dollars going straight to overseas corporations, then Rob Summerfield is your guy!

Remember Betsy DeVos, Trump’s billionaire Secretary of Education who’s trying to take public education dollars and spend them funding private schools instead? Well, Betsy DeVos’s political organization spent $50,000 getting Rob elected - more than any other group.

And Betsy DeVos got a great return on her investment! Rob supports Scott Walker’s education policies , the same strategy that slashed hundreds of millions of dollars from public education, sent teacher’s health care costs soaring, and even forced some Wisconsin schools to close. Sure, so-called “parents” might be “outraged” that our “children aren’t getting the kind of education they deserve.” But who cares about Wisconsin’s parents and kids? If you’re a billionaire with a radical agenda, Rob’s in your corner.

(In fact, Rob was so busy cozying up to Besty DeVos that he forgot to register and But you can tell these web pages are not really from Rob’s campaign because they’re honest about his record.)

Rob hasn’t just used his political career to stand up to Wisconsin's parents and children . He’s also fighting one of the biggest threats to our region - decent roads! Don’t you just hate when you’re driving to work and you don’t hit a pothole? Is there anything more frustrating than saving money every year because you don’t have to bring your car into the shop?

Well, Assembly Summerfield certainly thinks so. That’s why Rob’s supported Scott Walker’s transportation plan that stripped funding for basic infrastructure and left our roads to deteriorate . (It’s not like Wisconsin has harsh winters that can mess up a road or anything.) More potholes! More trips to the mechanic! What’s not to love?

And in case you’re not yet sold on Rob Summerfield, don’t forget - no one fights harder to spend your money paying foreign companies to create jobs somewhere else. Last year he said he’d “scrutinize” the deal to give huge taxpayer-funded subsidies to the Chinese-owned Foxconn plant in Racine. And if by “scrutinize” he meant “support the deal no matter what because the governor wanted it” that’s exactly what he did.

Rob said businesses in our district were looking forward to Foxconn opening a factory - except Racine is four hours and fifteen minutes from Chippewa Falls. I guess Rob Summerfield’s never used Google Maps. Or driven to Racine. (Which also might explain why he doesn’t care about potholes.)

So that’s Rob Summerfield - he’s against public schools and decent roads, and he’s fighting to spend your tax dollars to bring jobs to a different part of the state. And don’t forget: if you’re a billionaire who hates public schools, a driver who loves hitting potholes, or a massive Chinese company looking for tax breaks, than Rob Summerfield has definitely earned his second term!

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